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Walltex Products
Walltex texture coatings are the true concept to dress up your dream castle. Itís a fine combination of natural mineral and acrylic polymers.
Walltex texture are specially manufacture to give durability and toughness to exterior and interior surfaces.
Walltex texture are ready to use mixture without a single particle of cement.

Due to high solid content of acrylic polymer coating are approximately 17% flexible which avoid the hair-line crack in building and maintain exterior totally water proof.
Due to ingredient of silica quartz in texture coating its most suitable for high rise building. At high voltage lighting the silica quartz become conductive electricity in term its help to get earth the high charge and saved the building from damages
  Characteristics of poly texture surfaces:  
  1.Non sensitive to U-V rays below the solar spectrum of 290 mm  
  2.Water proof  
  3.Non flammable  
  4.Washable with detergent and water  
  5.Improved tensile strength of surface  
  6.Fast application low cost compare with the durability  
  7.Super flexibility and firm integrity  
  8.Anti termite and anti bacterial  
  9.Non toxic  
  Poly coats are a distinguished class of texture wall coating and is the result of latest break through in polymer technology. These are a single pack ready to use texture coating which requires on mixing with separate solvents.  
The acrylate co-polymer forms a flexible membranes coating on the substrate and the toughness of a superb combination of quarts and siliceous aggregates grants it versatile outstanding toughness. Excellent resistance properties against water and most chemicals with inorganic pigments having low absorption of U.V. rays below the solar spectrum of 290 nm, grants it the requisite resistance to normal degradation of U.V. rays. Thus shades do not fade. It is totally non toxic.
  Technical Specification:  
ADHESIVE: The basic adhesive used is a combination of aggregate of acrylate emulsion superbly combined with various co-polymers, giving it the following properties
  THE ADHESION: Provides excellent bond to almost anything like concrete, cement plaster, gypsum, masonry, block board, wood-ply etc.  
  INCREASED TENSILE STRENGTH: Improves tensile and comprehensive strength, allows thin specific application.  
  VERSATILE: It is resistant to hydrolysis and can be used for external application. Polymers import it water proof characteristics.  
  AND CURING:It is also used as a curing membrane.  
NATURE: It is slightly alkaline in nature and is non toxic. However it should not be ingested and if it comes in contact with eyes, wash immediately with plenty of water.
  FIRE:It is non-flammable.  
  FLASH POINT:55 deg C.  
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